1. Happy 3 Years @ksquad! Having an awesome time rock climbing for the first time! (at Rock City Climbing Gym)

  2. Guess where I am?

  3. Got a pic with @petersadrian, @yoshistunts, and @justicevan at Wondercon this past weekend! My pose is so lame compared to theirs T.T (at WonderCon 2014)

  4. It’s not Appa but it’ll do! (at WonderCon 2014)

  5. Ohhh hellloooo Zuko, Jet, and Sokka :3 (at WonderCon 2014)

  6. dicekeeper:

    Mice & Mystics painted minis.
    Source here

    omg these are beautiful. I want to buy the minis again so I can do this ._.

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  7. needsmoreexplosions:

    Nintendo is a serious company

    I need this game

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  8. koyohmi:

    this is so fucked up


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  9. I’m an Ugg-tect! Arungu argungu manugu manugu D: (at Dice House Games)

  10. Such an elusive creature. Found him in the jungles of the Amazon!

  11. Soooo am I a #Pokemon master yet? Or is there a Mew out there? :0