1. It’s not Appa but it’ll do! (at WonderCon 2014)

  2. Ohhh hellloooo Zuko, Jet, and Sokka :3 (at WonderCon 2014)

  3. dicekeeper:

    Mice & Mystics painted minis.
    Source here

    omg these are beautiful. I want to buy the minis again so I can do this ._.

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  4. needsmoreexplosions:

    Nintendo is a serious company

    I need this game

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  5. koyohmi:

    this is so fucked up


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  6. I’m an Ugg-tect! Arungu argungu manugu manugu D: (at Dice House Games)

  7. Such an elusive creature. Found him in the jungles of the Amazon!

  8. Soooo am I a #Pokemon master yet? Or is there a Mew out there? :0

  9. drackiszunk:


    April Fools’ Day Orange Juice [via]

    That is straight evil.

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  10. So cute :3

    Thanks @bootzilla and @keeptryan!

  11. One of them does not belong… Otherwise they’re all cuties!